Hello world!

Yes, “Hello, World!” is the phrase that began a million coding careers, similar to how a baby’s first gurgle sends happy parents into a frenzy. Picture this scenario: It’s the 1970s, and the smell of new computer code and bell-bottom denim fills the air. A teenage Brian Kernighan sits in a darkly lit room filled with coffee cups and punch cards, wondering how to show the world the wonders of programming.

Kernighan types out “Hello, World!”—a sentence destined to become as legendary as “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” but with many fewer conspiracy theories. It’s like Neil Armstrong putting his foot on the moon, except with less lunar dust and more syntax. This short sentence served as more than simply a welcome to the world; it was also a rallying cry for aspiring programmers and an indication that the digital era had arrived.

After a long night of brainstorming, legend has it that Kernighan rejected other finalists like “Hi there, Universe!” and “What’s up, Mainframe?” because they were too showy and instead decided on “Hello, World!” He was looking for a term that would softly usher in a time when even your toaster would ultimately learn to say hello—something unassuming but hospitable.

Some claim that a computer nerd gained wings somewhere in the world when Kernighan pressed the “Enter” key. Others argue that an old mainframe cries happy each time successful “Hello, World!” software runs. One thing is sure, notwithstanding the possibility of exaggeration: “Hello, World!” was more than just a test program. It served as a sign, a guiding light, and a digital handshake that united humans and machines.

So, let’s honor this modest sentence by lifting our keyboards. One print statement at a time, “Hello, World!” became history thanks to those two words. The first words always signal the start of something unique, whether from a baby’s first words, an astronaut’s momentous statement, or the first output from a coder. In the case of “Hello, World!” it was also the start of a new era in which everyone could experience the wonders of programming, from seasoned programmers to inquisitive newcomers.

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